Young Adults

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Young Adults

We are a group of young adults (18-30) who are either in the middle of study or who’ve been in the workforce for a few years. We meet regularly to eat, share about life, dive into the Scriptures, and discuss pressing issues relating to faith and contemporary culture. We love to connect with new people, so please get in touch!

Life Group

Every week we get together on a Thursday night, 7:30pm at one of our homes or we go out for the night. Expect a bunch of people all in the same kind of life space who are wanting to live out faith in the real world. Each week is different, but it is worth checking the life group page for current details.

Lounge Worship

Every couple of months we gather for dinner followed by lounge worship. We don’t have a fixed agenda but there is food, a fire, guitar, sometimes keys, and space to worship, pray or bring a word. Dinner is from 6:30pm and worship from 7:30pm. Check the events page for the next one.


A central goal of ours is to develop a faith that (at once) celebrates, critiques, and redeems different aspects of contemporary culture. As such, we are passionate about keeping plugged into wider conversations about faith and culture, and about making a difference in the world. We frequently connect with events and networks both locally and globally, and let people know about opportunities to do so on Facebook and at life group.