Why Church

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Why Church?

We understand that to belong to a local church community is ultimately the best way we grow in our faith and learn from each other in terms of how and what it means to apply “faith to life”. It’s not that we want to belong to another organisation but understand, from our reading of scriptures, that ‘being’ the church is part of ‘being’ a Christian. Paul uses the metaphor of being a member of the “Body of Christ” in the New Testament.

In church life there is some great fun; experiences of Christ; growth in gifts and friendships; opportunities to learn and worship God; song and communion; plus growing to be Christ, and others, centred – all wrapped up in belonging and journeying with a “faith community”. It truly is life changing!

There is so much wonderful diversity across churches and that reflects the creativity of God. Shore Grace Church is part of the church movement, a network of churches that has Methodist roots and this provides good partnerships and accountabilities to the wider church. This is the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand. To find out more about what being a part of the Wesleyan Methodist Church means, have a look at: www.wesleyan.org.nz

As a local ‘Body’ of Christ in this community of Greenhithe, we also enjoy being a blessing and community facilitator within the North Shore community, situated in the North to West Corridor of Auckland from Albany through to Hobsonville and Whenuapai.